The great soul

What have I done that

is not possible for you ?

Is it the miles or the means?

I was just being human

filling the emptiness

with kindness and love,

fighting against odds

that stood as demons in

my path to all else

But what have you done?

You have trapped me,

You have made me an idol.

You call me mahathma

the great soul, perhaps

a trick to make it sound

difficult and herculian.

I do not want to be called

mahathma, I am just one

among you, then and now,

yearning to be reborn

again and again in each of u…

Picture courtesy : Pexels (Steve Johnson)


Irksome episodes..

Its quite funny how the entire world is worried about your welfare all of a sudden when you cross 24 and am about to enter 25. You cannot sit, stand or walk peacefully in a crowd because of their nagging questions..what about your marriage? what are your plans? and a hell lot of should get married early otherwise pregnancy will have its complications..blah blah blah..I hate going to parties, common gatherings, especially marriages because people scan you as if you had a fracture and they are about to prescribe the right medicine.

There was a time when I thought, alright may be I should get married to escape these irritating people and their irritating tongues atleast. But now I have a new realisation. Why should I do something which I do not like for satisfying a bunch of people who doesn’t count in anyway in my life. I am not a feminist and ofcourse I will get married someday. But why the hell do they worry about problems, my problems which do not actually exist. Everything a women does is judged as a part of her strategy to attract someone. How hilarious is that. I would like to splash some water onto their faces and yell..hello wake up and go to hell.

I strongly believe that a women can be successful on her own just like how a man can be successful on his own. If you do not remind a man of his age and passing time then you shouldn’t do that to a women as well. There is a time for things to happen.When the right time comes things will happen on its own. Life should be let to flow in its natural course. Only then can you, me or anyone be happy. Nothing can be deliberately planned or executed. All you need to do is relax and do your job, go on with your passion and do things you enjoy rather than nagging people around with things about which you yourself have only little knowledge.

picture courtesy: pexels(Bruce Mars)


കാർമേഘമായ് കാത്തിരുന്നൂ ഞാൻ,

കാല വർഷത്തിൻ കാറ്റിലും കോളിലും

പെയ്യാൻ മടിച്ചങ്ങു, മണ്ണിൻ മാറിലലി

യാൻ ഭയന്നങ്ങു മാറി നീന്നൂ..

തുള്ളികൾ തിങ്ങീ നിറഞ്ഞൊരീ മാറിലെ

മാറാപ്പിൻ കെട്ടൊന്നയക്കുവാൻ വെമ്പലു-

ണ്ടെങ്കിലും, പെയ്യാതിരിക്കാം ഇനിയുള്ള

കാലം, നിൻ പച്ച തുരുത്തുകൾ പടർന്നു

പരന്നു പതിയെയ്യീ മണ്ണിനെ പൊതിയുവോളം.

നീ നീർത്തീ വിരിക്കുമെൻ സ്വപ്നത്തിൻ

പച്ചയിൽ വീണു മരിക്കുന്ന നിമിഷം വരേ

കാത്തിരിക്കാമീ കാർമേഘമായ് തന്നെ,

തുള്ളികൾ താങ്ങി നിറഞ്ഞൂ കവിഞ്ഞു,

പറന്നു നീങ്ങാമങ്ങലക്ഷ്യമായീ…

Picture courtesy: Pexels(Darius Krause)


Some people and some days..They just happen without any prior notice to shake you from your routine slumber to yet another, one decorated by lots of lovely dreams. Taking a step back in life, I can see that figure of myself detached from the worlds within myself and those that lay outside. Now, I have fallen in love, all over again with my own inner self and all the lives around unconditionally because of some people who gave me the strength to stand up and be myself.

We shouldn’t try to change ourselves too much simply because those around doesn’t approve of. May be they are not just the right people for the amounts of happiness and sadness that have been injected in you. True happiness can only be attained when you can mix with people with all your idiocracies and shortcomings and still manage to be happy because they accept you for what you are and do not measure you to be more or less depending on their judgements.

Past few days were so much fun that I was almost in tears several times and it makes me afraid to be this content in life. My heart is overwhelmingly full from those silly moments of utmost happiness and I cannot but mention all my mad people who let me in their world, which I would like to from now on embrace as my very own..

I have sought for colours all my life standing behind my own black and white veil. Now it seems as though the colours have come in search of me splashing onto me all sorts of shades, shades that have spread into every inch of me as if dreams infect you in a sweet and unforgettable slumber…

Picture courtesy : Anamika Ashok

Beyond the wall..

Touching you with the tip

of my long and pointed nose,

taking in your smell that

blents well with my own.

Your cold seeping in

slowly through my pores

I feel no different from you

so static and mundane, as

though I have always been

a part of you, as though I

am searching for a way back

to the point from where I

got detached and distracted.

Yes, that is why I like sleeping

by the wall, with my long and

pointed nose towards the

static currents beyond….

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Once upon a time

I had a heart, too

weak to fathom the

currents that flowed

in and out, over and again

wheezing in the face

of what looked like pain,

taught me stories dark as

the damp marsh lands.

Then came along another

one, all smiles and flowers

evoked my envy out to

take a look at its setting

beyond the ocean in

which my river of sorrows

shall take a dip and disappear.

Now I have a heart that

beats in its own ignorant pace

sailing towards the shore,

perhaps a long way apart

but always there somewhere

always there somewhere…….

Picture courtesy : pexels (Edu Carvalho)


True are their agonies

but truer, the heat from

the burns of your neglect.

I fail to keep up with

your pace and pause,

my tired tiks , caught

up in the reels that play

the past in silver frames.

Laces of leaseless love

did I weave under

the canopy of dreams

that were meant to be,

wanderers in my restless

lust for motion and more,

now all withered like myself

The point has come to take

a halt ,from their pain

that traverses right through

your hole, once called heart…